Are you currently recruiting?
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  • Modern platform

    We have produced a simple and modern platform that will simplify the process of finding your next employee. Hungry Jobs Offers a fast, reliable yet affordable package that will meet all your recruitment needs.
  • Enhance your Brand

    Promote your company by selecting the Enhance your jobs & profile option in the packages below. This will highlight your company profile in our companies section, add a featured tag to all your job listings and randomly display your logo on our front page.
  • Simple yet flexible

    Select the number of jobs you want without the time constraints. Buy as many job credits as you like with the knowledge that they won’t expire for 12 months, giving you and your company that extra flexibility when you most need it.

Key Features

  • Job adverts are live for 28 days
  • Job credits don't expire, use them today or next month
  • See the person not just the CV, with Video CVs
  • Quick and easy multiple job posting
  • Promote your brand with free logo upload, website & social media links

Choose your package

  • Standard

    £25 inc VAT

    £25 per job inc VAT

    1 standard job

  • Pro

    £69 inc VAT

    £23 per job inc VAT

    3 standard jobs

  • Premier

    £105 inc VAT

    £21 per job inc VAT

    5 standard jobs

  • Custom package

    £ -.-- inc VAT

    £ -.-- inc VAT


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