4 Articles from August 2017

  • How to negotiate the best pay in the hospitality sector

    In an article produced recently by the London Assembly, they called for the hospitality sector to increase workers’ wages. London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged the industry not only to improve working conditions but also increase pay, in line with our friends across the pond. It seems those in the US are a little ahead of the game when it comes to offering hospitality workers a fair deal. The tourism and hospitality sector provides a vital part of the overall economy in the UK. The Mayor fears that Brexit will further exacerbate the pay and equality issues due to the fact that more than 20% of employees come from Europe. He, along with many others, feel that companies need to uphold their social and moral responsibility to treat staff in the hospitality sector more ethically. In this article, we talk about ways to negotiate the best pay in the hospitality sector. ...read more
  • Top 5 tips to overcome those awkward interview questions

    Going for a job interview is a stressful situation. No amount of preparation will completely eliminate that tension that occurs just before a potential employer starts asking you questions. If you happen to get a fairly standard barrage of questions that tension level might drop a bit as you answer their inquiries with the examples and replies you’ve prepared. However, if an interviewer fires away at you with a question or two that seemingly has no right answer there’s a distinct possibility that you’ll find yourself suddenly drenched in sweat and unable to produce an answer that sounds like anything other than a first class ticket back to the job search engine. But don’t worry--there is still hope. Here are 5 common questions employers ask that seemingly have no comfortable answers, and 5 ways to handle them so that you still come out looking like a rock star! ...read more
  • How to prepare for an interview

    The hospitality industry is a fast growing industry that employs millions of people. It provides lots of career opportunities and seasonal work. Competition is vast so it’s important that you know techniques that can help you receive employment. Preparation, punctuality, authenticity, and appearance can make or break an interview. Let’s dive into the ways you can show your best self and be the interview they won’t forget. You’ve sent in your resume and got called into an interview. Now what? Preparation is key. Fortunately the internet makes preparing ourselves easier. Go on the company website and find out as much as you can about the organization. This will help you figure out what they may ask during your interview. Every company has their own idea of what makes their ideal employee so having this information can help you better prepare. Make your responses clear and concise. ...read more