6 Articles from 2019

  • Do hospitality staff get the respect they deserve?

    Anyone who works in the hospitality sector in the UK knows what it is like to deal with difficult customers on a day to day basis and in fact it is often just seen as part of the job – after all, the customer is always right. Or are they? It has been engrained into us here in the UK in the hospitality industry that this is the case and that dealing with customers complaining and being rude on occasion is just part and parcel of the job. Is it not time however that our hospitality workers start getting the same respect from the public that those in other European countries do? ...read more
  • Six tips to Keep Your Hospitality Staff Happy

    Whether you manage a restaurant, a bar or hotel; finding good staff is only half the battle. Once you’ve spent the time and money on advertising and recruiting for your staff, then trained them, you want to ensure that once they’re in place; they are happy, content, and loyal in their roles. In this post, we outline some key tips to help you keep your hospitality staff happy. ...read more
  • How to become a chef in the UK

    If you’re already a chef abroad, and you are thinking about moving to the UK for a job in catering, you might be wondering the best way to find work as a chef. In this post we provide you with a summary of the information you will need to help...read more
  • How to cater for food allergies in your restaurant.

    Food allergies form a major concern as eating out has become more popular over the years. What's even more concerning is the steady rise of food allergies in both children and adults. To keep up with the challenges of catering to a diverse body of customers, restaurants have to make certain changes and even go the extra mile to accommodate the needs of every one of their customers. The seriousness of the food allergies must be recognised and dealt with accordingly. But how should restaurants go about that? Let's find out. ALLERGY-FRIENDLY MENUS Most restaurant owners and chefs have recognised the importance of allergy-friendly menus when it comes to their customers. A few restaurants have even gone as far as eliminating all allergens from their menus completely to avoid any unfavourable consequences for their customers' health. Allergy-friendly menus do not have to be very extensive but should contain at least 8-10 dishes for the customer to choose from. This doesn't only allow restaurants to cater for a more diverse customer base, but it also shows that the restaurants make their customers' concerns and well-being their priority. ...read more