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  • Do hospitality staff get the respect they deserve?

    Anyone who works in the hospitality sector in the UK knows what it is like to deal with difficult customers on a day to day basis and in fact it is often just seen as part of the job – after all, the customer is always right. Or are they? It has been engrained into us here in the UK in the hospitality industry that this is the case and that dealing with customers complaining and being rude on occasion is just part and parcel of the job. Is it not time however that our hospitality workers start getting the same respect from the public that those in other European countries do? ...read more
  • How to maintain a good work/life balance whilst working in the hospitality industry

    Anyone who works in the hospitality industry be it a hotel receptionist, waiting staff or delivery driver knows that unsociable hours outside of the 9-5 working day come as standard. It can often prove difficult maintaining a good work/life balance with long shifts plus evening and weekend work (and not to mention the very busy Christmas period). We have some tips however as to how to maintain as good a work/life balance as possible. Working in this industry often means days off fall during the week when everyone else is at work. Take advantage of this! This is often the best time to go into town for some shopping in peace away from the busy crowds at the weekends or to take advantage of a cheap midweek lunch deal with a friend. Take up a new hobby and keep it up when you can. Many of us are guilty of spending any time we do have off on catching up with life admin, but it’s also important to spend time doing something you enjoy. Many exercise classes are on during the day so again when everyone else is at work this may be the best time to attend a class which is a bit quieter. Gyms are also quieter during the day and many gyms are now open 24/7 so you should be able to find a gym to fit in with your working hours. ...read more
  • Part time jobs for students - tips

    With the new semester upon us Freshers will be enjoying the introduction to the student way of life and returning students will be gearing up for the next few months of hard work. For some students however, in addition to deciding which Freshers night to attend next, or worrying about their first assignment, there will be many with the additional worry of how they will survive financially at college or university. Many students now find they have to find part time work alongside their degrees as student bursaries/loans and help from family just don’t cover the costs involved. Finding a part time job in a new city or town can often seem daunting but with these few tips you should be on the way to finding an additional income in no time: ...read more
  • What Impact will Brexit have on the hospitality Industry?

    With daily speculation and a lot of uncertainty still looming around Brexit, it is difficult to know exactly what is going on and when anything is actually going to happen. In this post, we look specifically at what impact Brexit will have on the hospitality sector in the UK. Restaurants, Hotels and others in hospitality account for employing almost half a million EU workers. Under the current EU legislation, a worker is able to come to the UK without needing any type of Visa or work permit. The only stipulation is that an employer needs to undertake a legal right to work check prior to giving them employment. The flexibility this has given to the labour market in the UK is phenomenal, and the hospitality sector, in particular, has benefited greatly from this. One could almost go as far as to say that the industry has become reliant on immigrant workers and there is a rather worrying danger that we are going to become a less-attractive place for these job seekers going forward. Brexit Is Already Affecting This Sector...read more
  • How to negotiate the best pay in the hospitality sector

    In an article produced recently by the London Assembly, they called for the hospitality sector to increase workers’ wages. London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged the industry not only to improve working conditions but also increase pay, in line with our friends across the pond. It seems those in the US are a little ahead of the game when it comes to offering hospitality workers a fair deal. The tourism and hospitality sector provides a vital part of the overall economy in the UK. The Mayor fears that Brexit will further exacerbate the pay and equality issues due to the fact that more than 20% of employees come from Europe. He, along with many others, feel that companies need to uphold their social and moral responsibility to treat staff in the hospitality sector more ethically. In this article, we talk about ways to negotiate the best pay in the hospitality sector. ...read more
  • How to prepare for an interview

    The hospitality industry is a fast growing industry that employs millions of people. It provides lots of career opportunities and seasonal work. Competition is vast so it’s important that you know techniques that can help you receive employment. Preparation, punctuality, authenticity, and appearance can make or break an interview. Let’s dive into the ways you can show your best self and be the interview they won’t forget. You’ve sent in your resume and got called into an interview. Now what? Preparation is key. Fortunately the internet makes preparing ourselves easier. Go on the company website and find out as much as you can about the organization. This will help you figure out what they may ask during your interview. Every company has their own idea of what makes their ideal employee so having this information can help you better prepare. Make your responses clear and concise. ...read more