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  • What Impact will Brexit have on the hospitality Industry?

    With daily speculation and a lot of uncertainty still looming around Brexit, it is difficult to know exactly what is going on and when anything is actually going to happen. In this post, we look specifically at what impact Brexit will have on the hospitality sector in the UK. Restaurants, Hotels and others in hospitality account for employing almost half a million EU workers. Under the current EU legislation, a worker is able to come to the UK without needing any type of Visa or work permit. The only stipulation is that an employer needs to undertake a legal right to work check prior to giving them employment. The flexibility this has given to the labour market in the UK is phenomenal, and the hospitality sector, in particular, has benefited greatly from this. One could almost go as far as to say that the industry has become reliant on immigrant workers and there is a rather worrying danger that we are going to become a less-attractive place for these job seekers going forward. Brexit Is Already Affecting This Sector...read more