Why Hungry Jobs?

  • Value

    Unbeatable Value

    We don’t think anyone should have to pay through the nose to keep a business evolving with great team members.
    We also don’t believe that advertising needs to break the bank. With Hungry Jobs anyone can advertise a single job for as little as £20 +VAT
    The more you buy the cheaper its gets!
  • Advertise

    Ads Posted in Seconds

    Hungry Jobs is the fastest job board on the Internet.
    No waiting for days to see your ad. Our system is real-time, meaning you pay and we post instantly allowing candidates to see your Job post the very moment it's posted.
  • Personal applications

    Personal Applications

    Sifting through CV’s can be time consuming and in many cases a large number of the candidates are not suitable from the get go, thats why we have screening questions.
    When placing your advert you can now add in custom screening questions for the applicants to answer, enabling you to save time and more importantly select the right candidates for the next stage of your recruitment process.

We are here for you

Our customers come first at Hungry Jobs, that’s why we are always on hand should you need support.
Send us an email or give us a call and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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